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Reasons Your Business Should Switch to Online Faxing

Faxing using fax machines have been a useful and critical mode of communication for many businesses across the World. However, the internet revolution has made it more convenient for companies to receive their faxes on their mobile phones, laptops, and tablet. Unlike using the fax machine, online faxing offers stress-free and hassle-free means to send and receive fax messages.

Fortunately, you can read a comprehensive guide on how to receive faxes on a Gmail account to have a smooth transition to online faxing. Switching to online faxing will not only prove to be convenient, but it will also help you keep at par with your competitors. Let’s look at the reasons why switching to online faxing is suitable for your business.


cost effectiveFax machines are reliable for relaying critical and sensitive business messages but are expensive to maintain. You’ll need to stock papers, ink, and toners, and use power to operate the machine. However, online faxing does not need you to buy papers, ink, and regular machine maintenance. Faxing using a Gmail account offers an inexpensive and a faster way of receiving your faxes wherever you are.

Furthermore, online faxing allow fast response because sometimes you can be on business trips and so do not have access to your faxing machine. But that does not mean you cannot receive urgent faxes that needs your immediate response. The good news is that the scenario takes a different angle when you are faxing on Gmail.


files of fax printoutsReceiving files on the cloud and saving them there is a much more secure and safer way than on fax machines that involve paperwork. Paper storage requires space, and you stand the risk of losing all your documented information in case of a fire, floods, or if they land in the wrong hands. Fortunately, online fax makes it easier to store your information by sorting in files directly from your mail. It is also encrypted when transmitted and can only be accessed in your account. This makes room for you to be organized.


convenienceWith online faxing, you can access your faxes from anywhere, anytime using a mobile device. You do not need a fax machine as long as you have internet access on your device. Online faxing also enables one to sign documents electronically and fax them back in case of an emergency. This way, nothing will stall in the office in your absence. It saves you time used in looking for a fax machine to send and receive urgent documents.…